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How to move Football Manager 22 graphics folder with Xbox Game Pass on PC

Users who acquire the game via the Game Pass for PC app or Microsoft Store will have problems moving the graphics folder outside of the Documents folder. The game has two important folders. 1. The game folder and 2. the User Data Folder. It is the latter that stores information about themes, graphics packs and so. You can choose the game install folder from the Game Pass app itself but the graphics folder will default to: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022. This is usually located on the C: drive.

Step 1: Create a FM22 shortcut to desktop

Locate the game on your pc by going to your Start Menu, locate the game, then simply click and drag that onto your Desktop.

This shortcut is important as this is the one we will use to start the game with some tweaks for now.

Step 2: Tweak the shortcut

By tweaking the shortcut we are redirecting the shortcut to your new location of the User Data folder, so at the end of the «Target: » properties you add the following line: 



«–user_data_location=»E:/Sports Interactive»

Step 3: Change permissions of the shortcut

Since the Xbox Game Pass app is pointing to a file area that has restrictions you might need to open the game/shortcut with edited «Security permissions:

Fo to the Security tab, and make sure your Windows user has «Full Controll» by changing the permissions in the «Edit area». In the end it should look like this image:

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